John Mudgett

Before joining the Wide Open Walls Board in 2020, John Mudgett was integral in helping bring countless murals to Sacramento through his involvement with the organization by bringing his Commercial Real Estate experience and relationships to the table. His appreciation for street art began during his time spent in Los Angeles. The immersion of and integration between international and local artist community was not only inspiring and exciting but was successfully incorporated into numerous development projects in Los Angeles. 

Recognizing there was a huge need for more public art, a prominent local developer made an introduction to a fledging mural festival concept called Sacramento Mural Festival. The potential to bring world-class art to the urban core was enough to sign up in any capacity he could and the rest is history. Educating the local commercial real estate community was easy and still presents its challenges; although, with every successful year that goes by, more and more are excited to see the new life that is brought to the city. 

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