Lin Fei Fei

Lin Fei Fei is a professional artist from Dalian, China. She moved to America after completing her Master’s degree in Oil Painting at Luxun Academy of Fine Arts. She is now based in Sacramento, California.

She has experience working and painting in over a dozen countries and has participated in exhibitions in Europe, Asia, and the United States. Besides working on traditional paintings, Fei also creates artwork that branches outside of the studio. This includes public murals and installations and mixed media collaborations with musicians, writers, fashion designers, and virtual reality artists.

Her work has also been collected by Luxun Academy of Fine Arts, Oslo National Art Academy, Blue Roof Art Museum, Wang Shi Kuo Art Foundation, Eland Foundation, Laforet Summer Vacation Project in Italy, and many more. In 2016, she was chosen as one of the ten “Contemporary Chinese Artists of the Future” by the Wang Shi Kuo Art Foundation in Beijing, China.

The themes of Fei’s art revolve around humanity and the experiences of the human condition. Much like life, Fei’s art reflects the contrasts found in our days that at one moment can be dark and ominous while the next are bright and hopeful. Rather than projecting an unachievable ethereal dreamscape, Fei aims to capture the true realities in life.

Lin Fei Fei recently completed painting her 6th city installment of a self-funded international mural tour she is calling “Introspection”. Her intention is to “Get people to stop, look deep within themselves, examine their thoughts and feelings, and reevaluate what is important in life.” Fei explains, “We are all overwhelmed by this unprecedented Covid climate, racial injustices and inequality, political unrest, natural disasters, terrorism, and a myriad of other issues. It has left us trying to figure out who we are, and how we can live more meaningful and impactful lives.”

Fei most recently opened, Lin Fei Fei Artspace which is an independent artist run gallery located in Sacramento, CA. Guided by the principle of inspiring a more conscious world through the power of art, we are more than just a gallery. LFF Artspace is known for championing lesser-known artists and bending the unspoken rules of the art community, building a safe haven of innovation, inclusivity, and selfexpression.

Lin Fei Fei

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