Christian Garcia is a Northern California based artist hailing from Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico. At the age of 32 now, creating for many years he has a very large body of work. Starting at the young age of 15, he is a self taught street artist and muralist heavily influenced by graffiti. Christian creates art on a variety of different surfaces with all kinds of mediums, from pencil sketches to large spray paint murals. He blends a style of urban elements, graffiti techniques, graphic design, and a refined form of fine art creations. Residing in Chico, CA for over 20yrs, he has created many murals, worked with local organizations, and participated in many art events.. Christian creates visually stimulating artworks with a socially conscious effort for everyone to enjoy. Working locally with goals of traveling globally to share his gifts of art. Keep a look out for more works and content from Christian Garcia!

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