Sacramento, CA

CH3Z is a unique self-taught artist that began drawing at an early age. She experimented with whatever she could find, mostly mediums with pigments, to make art throughout her childhood. At fifteen years old, she immersed herself in the art world through YouTube and discovered amazingly skilled street artists like David Choe, Sam Flores, and Alex Pardee. They were people making a living doing what they loved, which inspired her to dream big about her future. She earned her Visual and Performing Arts Cord in high school after participating in several art shows, competitions, and completing creative projects. After attending a local community college, she dropped out to pursue her career as an independent artist. To date, CH3Z has painted many custom pieces from shoes to murals for others. CH3Z grew her audience on social media through photo and video editing her work and performs live painting at festivals and art shows such as, War on Walls by HOFISBETTER x GARIBALDI at Garibaldi’s Studio and multiple R.A.W. Artists Showcases at Ace of Spades, to name a few. CH3Z currently resides in Sacramento, CA and is determined to expand her work globally and to guide others in finding their calling.

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