Cheyenne Randall

Sacramento, CA

Sacramento based artist, Cheyenne Randall has been working in mixed media for over twenty years. Largely known for his extensive and ongoing photoshop tattoo series entitled “Shoppedtattoos” he has simultaneously pushed the boundaries of traditional tattoo culture and idolatry. He is also known for his colorful and contemporary mixed media works depicting Indigenous North American Leaders with reverence and originality.

Cheyenne’s “Shoppedtattoos” has drawn the attention of Hollywood’s most notable designers and even landed his work in the pages of Architectural Digest. He has been honored to create work for major motion pictures as well as private commissions for some of the worlds most beloved musicians and actors.

Randall’s interests in art are vast and diverse. He has always had a fascination with forgotten and uninhabited structures and the way they interact with the landscape of America. A number of years ago he began #PastingtheWest, an homage to impermanence, leaving mementos of his work scattered where they would decay and perhaps never be seen by anyone. This project was in fact seen by many and ultimately lead him to a residency at the Heard Museum in Phoenix, Arizona and installations in some of the west coast’s finest hotels, restaurants and private homes.

Cheyenne currently enjoys working quietly in his studio while continuing to seek out the perfect broken down barn to paste on.

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