Dan Kitchener

Essex, UK

Dan Kitchener or DANK has had a long and varied creative career, having worked in post production with major stars such as Kylie, Miley Cyrus, Sir Paul McCartney, Lenny Kravitz to name a few for a number of years, his passion for art and murals then took centre stage. His work has been exhibited world-wide, from Tokyo to New York as well as Saatchi Gallery and on the iconic Tate Modern building itself.  He has worked his way round the world to become one of the leading figures in the street art world.

Dan Kitchener also known as DANK is a multi disciplined street artist largely known globally for his enormous colourful murals depicting street scenes and rainy night cityscapes. His murals and canvas works focus on lighting and have an impressionistic quality, providing the viewer with scenes that resonate with everyone who has ever walked in a city a night. His polarity has soared in recent years and he’s painted all over the world from NYC, Moscow, Tokyo, Hong Kong to Kazakstan, Canada, and all over Europe. He continues to travel the world creating his signature and instantly recognizable style in far flung locations, bringing light, colour and energy to these environments. He has hundreds of murals worldwide and has been a major part of the street art / mural scene since the start of the movement for nearly 16 years.

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