Diana Ormanzhi

Sacramento, CA

Diana Ormanzhi is an oil painter and illustrator currently living and working in Sacramento, California. Her surrealistic artwork pushes realistic imagery beyond how it is perceived in daily life. Organic forms often clash against geometric elements, fairytale characters are placed in new settings, and science fiction comes to life through her illustrations.

Diana has been creating for as long as she can remember, but it wasn’t until mid-2015 that she decided to pick up a brush and teach herself how to paint. Since then, oil painting has been her preferred medium of expression. In 2018, Diana received an Associate’s Degree in Art from American River College and a Gallery Management Certificate in 2019. Diana continues to display her artwork in various Sacramento galleries and online.

On September 2019, Diana and her family lost their home to a fire with little left to rescue. As an aspiring professional artist, she lost her studio, an enormous collection of art materials, and countless pieces of artwork. Diana is currently in the process of recovering from the tragedy and creating a new body of work. She recently made her oil paintings accessible to the public in her new studio in Arthouse on R.

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