Raphael Delgado

Sacramento, CA

RAPHAEL DELGADO was born in Oxnard, Ca in 1981. His father worked for galleries and museums as a custom picture framer and his mother was an artist. During his childhood, it was common for finished works of Picasso, Dali, Chagall, Rivera and other masters to hang in his home while they were waiting to be picked up by their owners. His father later owned an art gallery which Raphael spent his summers there daydreaming and drawing. His childhood and adolescent years were spent between Los Angeles and Sacramento, soaking up the burgeoning street art scene of the early ’90s and working in the art gallery. After art school in San Francisco, Raphael moved to Downtown Sacramento in 2006 and opened his first art studio. His unique and energetic style immediately generated attention and galvanized him a leader in the art scene and Latino Community. Since then he has had numerous solo shows and exhibits maintain a loyal local collector base and are prominently featured in both public and private art collections across the nation. In 2008 he founded Crayons to Canvas, a holiday art drive which continues to collect art supplies for at-risk kids, and developmentally disabled adults. He curates local art exhibits and works closely with the art scene in Sacramento, by donating his art space to host inclusive community events and gatherings. He has been named Artist of the Year by the Arts and Business Council of Sacramento, 40 under 40 by the Sacramento Business Journal, and featured in Comstock Magazines Young Leaders of the year, to name a few. Most recently he has been added to the Board of Directors for the Wide Open Walls Mural Festival in Sacramento and is a participating muralist as well.

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