Waylon Horner

Sacramento, CA

Waylon Horner is a Sacramento based artist. He has developed his own abstract aesthetic, with the main goal being to create something of visual and psychological interest. He prefers not to have any sort of direct message or meaning behind his images but instead chooses to leave his work ambiguous enough to let the viewer draw their own conclusions. He credits influencers of his art as H.R. Giger, Irving Norman, Robert Crumb, Hans Bellmer, Yves Tanguy, Roberto Matta, John Kricfalusi and Walt Disney. His work is reminiscent of Rube Goldberg machines – cartoonish and surreal compositions painted in bold colors, and incorporating a healthy dose of humor and psychedelic imagery. His imagination shows us a world both bizarre and mesmerizing. “Technically, the hardest part is just knowing when to stop,” says Waylon, “because my stuff gets pretty chaotic and at some point it doesn’t really help the piece to have more going on.”

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