In 2004, the German street art duo Hera and Akut formed a fruitful partnership and have worked together on many successful global art projects. Both with roots in the graffiti scene, their joint creative art process is dialogical, among themselves as well as towards the outside by embracing the public. Their pieces tell stories of triumph and hardship, combining powerful, expressive-eyed characters with provocative and often darkly humorous text

Their large, arresting murals bring pause to busy city streets and are characterized by their narrative style, drippy paint technique, and their ability to lead the viewer into their compelling and imaginative world. Their figures can be seen in the context of social fractions and collective constraints, but also reflecting both love and the diversity of life.

Hera and Akut’s collaboration has resulted in them appearing on walls, in gallery shows and in art exhibitions all over the world. They have been featured in numerous publications including The Huffington Post, The Guardian Juxtapoz, and Hi-Fructose, and have released two successful books – The Perfect Merge and After The Laughter.

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