Hugo Kriegel


Hugo Kriegel is a French born artist currently residing in New York. He has studied at both the Sorbonne and New York University. While he was attending art school, he became very interested in street art, and graffiti in particular. But instead of signing his name, he would sign the time of day.

For over 10 years, Hugo has been working on his ambitious worldwide 1440 Clock street art project. There are 1,440 minutes in a day. Using acrylic and spray paint, Hugo paints large scale numbers indicating the hour and minute he starts painting – a process that can take several hours. But from the moment he starts, time stops. He films the entire process, compresses the film into sixty seconds, then places that minute into a video reel ribbon in its precise time location so that it becomes a functional 24-hour clock.

Hugo has painted in dozens of cities and countries across the globe, turning his project into a panorama of our world. The 1440 Clock questions how we use our limited time on our planet and invites us to perceive time differently.

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