Ilse Valfre

Los Angeles, CA

Raised in Tijuana, Mexico, Ilse Valfré is a professional illustrator, fashion designer, and blogger. She has said of how growing up in Tijuana influenced her, “There is a lot of frustration in my hometown, but I believe that that is one of the reasons why it is full of street art. You see, frustration and sadness make people create beautiful things. Growing up looking at the street art inspired me to be creative myself.”

She founded Valfré – an LA-based art, apparel, and accessories brand in late 2013. Located in over 250 stores around the world, including Nordstrom’s and Urban Outfitters, the Valfré brand has quickly become a well known, global inspiration for the creative and wild at heart.
Valfré’s mission is to bring her art to life by creating unique products that are a direct reflection of the psychedelic world that she has created. Her work explores the poignant tension between vulnerability and confidence as she transports her audience into the hearts and minds of the characters that she creates.

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