Joha Harrison

Sacramento, CA

Joha Harrison was born in Baton Rouge Louisiana, moved to Georgia, and has spent most of his adult life in California. Starting with the arts in elementary school, he worked his way to submitting shoe designs to Nike while in the 5th grade. Art didn’t play a role in his life again until his junior year in high school, when he started with photography. He took photos of everything he wanted to remember; from there his love for the art blossomed. Being a photographer for 20 years allows for a bit of confidence in the craft, but documenting history, as he tells it; is a lifelong journey. Filmmaking, a visual extension of his photography, is the newest of his current endeavors. When painting, he translates thoughts, feelings, emotions, memories, realms, and spontaneity into painted expressions. His painting life delves into a bit of the unknown. His process of painting, from the first message down to the signature is a journey for all, including himself. Joha creates these artforms that can all be seen on his website at, and his Instagram @surrenderwasapose

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