John Horton

Sacramento, CA

John Horton is a multidisciplinary artist experimenting with painting in the digital aesthetic. Residing in Sacramento, California, he creates paintings that mimic the distortion of corrupt digital files; the result is a blend of art, technology, and humanism. With over 20 years of experience, John’s unique vision, combined with crisp realism, wild color palette, and traditional painting techniques creates a futuristic world view that simultaneously embraces and rejects technology’s ever-reaching grasp on society.

Although an art director/graphic designer by profession, his passion is traditional painting. John’s vast skill set covers a wide spectrum of the visual language, including fine art, illustration, sculpture, photography, 3d printing, screen printing, and web/print design. He has worked for many clients, including VSP Global, TBDFest, OCEANA, Microsoft game studios, UC Davis, Organizer, Sacramento Parks & Recreation Department, WAL Sacramento, and many more. As an emerging Sacramento artist, John received the Crocker Kingsley merit award in 2006.

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