John Pugh

Lake Tahoe, CA

John has found that the visual language of trompe l’oeil allows him to effectively communicate with a very large audience. People take delight in being visually tricked. Once intrigued by the illusion, the viewer is invited to visually cross into the mural to explore and discover the deeper concept.

With a clear intention to create a public art attraction, he strives to design a mural in a way that is not commonplace. Often this includes creating an illusion that is iconic or a dynamic anomaly. The passerby is much more apt to engage with an uncommon architectural event or phenomenon while he or she unconsciously surveys the urban landscape.

Creating a ‘sense of place’ is paramount. It is important for John as an artist, to research the area and its community, and formulate concepts based upon a multitude of historical, environmental, and cultural viewpoints. If his mural can serve to educate about the culture and heritage of a place, it will deepen roots, and create a pride of place.

Ultimately the goal with the mural is to conjure fresh feelings and perceptions and evoke a sense of connectivity with the mural, within us, and the world around us.

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