Jolene Rose Russell

Sacramento, CA

My creative work includes painting with oil, acrylic, spray, and latex paints, drawing with chalk pastel, charcoal, graphite, and ink, and experimenting with digital art. My style is largely realistic, with influences from the illustrative, graphic, and abstract arts. To bring depth and movement, I utilize perspective, shadow, and clean lines. My work tends to be colorful and saturated; when I do use a limited palette, I rely on shadow, light, and high contrast to bring life to the forms present in the artwork. People, animals, and the natural world are major themes in my work. As a teen, I began participating in the local street painting festival, where I found immense enjoyment in creating my work publicly in large format. When I began my career as a professional artist, I progressed from painting streets to also painting walls. I find that creating the work publicly and allowing the audience to observe the process creates a stronger emotional connection between the viewer and the art. The viewer gains a greater understanding of what goes into creating a piece of art – including time and energy, as well as materials and equipment – as so often the viewer sees only the final product.

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