Lopan and Ernie Fresh

Sacramento, CA

Lopan (Neal Bergmann) and Ernie Fresh (Ernie Upton) grew up painting together and doing graffiti art since the mid-1990s. They combine anime & graffiti art styles to create vivid pop art imagery using a mix of spray paint and brush painting techniques. Their work can be found throughout Sacramento, the San Francisco Bay Area and Reno. They have been featured artists at Art Street, at several comic-con events, and are also graffiti painters for Redbull.

Lopan and Ernie Fresh’s work reflects a strong connection with the Sacramento music scene, not surprising given that Ernie Fresh is the MC of the popular Sacramento hip hop group Who Cares. The team’s art has been commissioned by musical artists and festivals, and they have performed live at various concert events throughout the state and beyond.


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