Lord Pawn

Sacramento, CA

Sacramento artist Ryan Rhodes, who paints under the name Lord Pawn, has been working full-time as an artist and muralist since 2007. Some of his past projects include artwork for Redbull, The Crocker Art Museum, The Sacramento Kings, Folsom Cordova Unified School District, Midtown Business Association, and countless small businesses.

Currently, he works in spray paints and acrylics. His work shows off his versatility – some pieces appear as mystical dreamscapes in rich shades of blue with geometric overlays, some are hyper-realistic and monochromatic. Pawn has been part of a few different graffiti crews, including Ain’t Life Beautiful (ALB) and Legends of Rare Designs (LORDS). And as focused as Pawn has been on his successful painting career lately, he says he still gets the itch to hit the streets every now and then when his days get to be a little too mundane.

“Sometimes it’s good to be in a grimy place,” Pawn says. “I’ve seen some crazy stuff just going and painting… You get stories out of it all; you’re going on adventures.”


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