Mateus Bailon


Mateus Bailon is an artist from Santa Catarina, south of Brazil. He sees his work as his purest and most sincere way of exploration, self-expression, and exchange. Inspired by what surrounds him, the artist uses nature as a visual language to reveal his own nature, giving life to fantastic creatures – especially his trademark birds – on walls around the world.

By making using of color and constantly drawing from his imagination, Bailon creates beasts and animals that carry the artist’s own moods and feelings as well as his impressions of the places he visits, intriguing the viewer to read and visually enjoy an untold story.

Living like a nomad for the last few years, Bailon has been showing his work on walls and galleries in dozens of cities across the globe. In 2018 Bailon has already painted 15 walls in 5 countries so far.

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