Max Ehrman aka Eon75

San Francisco, CA

Max Ehrman (Eon75) was first slapped in the face by this obsessive art form called Aerosol Art in 1995 when he was studying Architecture in Gainesville Florida. In Gainesville, there is a legal wall for muralists and graffiti artists to express themselves and execute large-scale murals. One day two international graffiti artists painted the wall and blew Max away with their concept and execution of the medium. The mural was amazing and it sparked a fire in Max. The next day he bought a few cans of paint, went to the wall, and has not stopped painting ever since.

Over the years Max has written graffiti under a lot of names. Currently he goes by the name Eon75. E.O.N. meaning Extermination.of.Normality and the 75 denoting the year that he was born.

This name has taken him to over 10 countries and 3 continents. He has painted large-scale productions and traveled with the Meeting of Styles throughout Europe ( Eon75 has exhibited in galleries all over Europe and North America.

Max’s formal schooling is in architecture but over the years he has been more focused on art. He attained a Bachelors of Architecture from Florida Atlantic University and also a Masters of Architecture from the Bauhaus (Dessau institute of Architecture) in Dessau, Germany. The rigid and structured constraints of Architecture helped him to develop an eye for detail in his art. His art is heavily influence by organic forms in nature and the ocean. Having grown up in Florida and living on the beach most of his life, nature is an underlying element in all of his work. Free flowing organic forms that connect with the viewer in a naturalist way. The elements of the ocean and plant life can be found in his pieces, this is the basis for the forms he paints. The observer will find a repetition of 3 in every composition. This is used to balance out the painting and to follow the basic lead of nature and her forms. Nature is perfect in its construction of the parts to the whole. Leaves and shells are always structured off odd numbers, 3’s 5’s etc. This pattern can also be found in Eon75’s artwork.

Currently living in San Francisco, Max is a freelance designer, architect, and artist. He has his hand in a little bit of everything, from graphic design, industrial design to the realization of large-scale murals in the bay area. He can always be found sketching or enjoying the outdoors and being influenced by his surroundings.

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