Michele Murtaugh

Sacramento, CA

Michele Ann Murtaugh, 1969, American, Born in Arizona, based in Sacramento, California.

In Michele Ann Murtaugh’s studio work her focus is figurative narrative paintings. Herr subjects address the current condition of human intimacy, the desire of it and the lack of it. She combines realist human form with surrealistic atmospheric nuances to give the viewer the feeling of being in the subconscious. Her large scale oil paintings combine delicate, refined and crude brush work to intensify the psychological contradiction of surrender with immediacy and impatience. Her subjects are often nude or costumed in inorganic fantastic materials. They can be found masked or uncomfortably gazing back at the viewer. The paintings mirror our beautiful yet imperfect attempt to connect and be accepted.

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Paige Murtaugh, Michele’s daughter, will be participating as an artist alongside her.

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