MJ Lindo-Lawyer

Santa Rosa, CA

In her bay area home studio piled high with cactus, ferns and philodendrons, MJ Lindo-Lawyer brings to life alternative universes and whimsical and dark fantastical realms. A self-taught explorer in different mediums, MJ has fallen in love with the depths of texture she has found in oil paint and wooden canvases. Using creamy pastels and rich skin tones, MJ builds worlds of whimsy where a giantess woman can befriend a tiny bear cub, or a family of miniature elephants can keep warm at the campfire of a forest goddess.

Since 2003, MJ has told versions of her own life story and those of other diverse women through depictions of their bold grace on the move through dreamlike spaces and in the company of animal friends.

MJ Lindo-Lawyer lives and works in the Bay area with her husband and studio mates, her kitten Garbage and her 160-pound Neapolitan Mastiff, Mellow.

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