Norman Ayles aka Normaste

Sacramento, CA

Norman Ayles (Normaste Art) is a multi-disciplinary artist, including acrylic painting, murals, sign logos, and the art of tattoo. His figurative pop-art style translates especially well to large-scale murals. He has worked with the ARTners Collaborative crew on multiple projects – including Wide Open Walls – and is part of the ZFG crew (Zero Forbidden Goals.). His focus is on bringing more art to the city of Sacramento, working with the community, and providing a platform for other artists to come together to combine art, poetry, and music in a healthy, positive, shared space.

Sacramento born and raised, Norm was born into a family – like so many – who struggled with the challenges of drug addiction. Growing up, art was a needed outlet for him and brought him a sense of peace, healing, and self-expression. Currently, he focuses his time and energy on being a full-time artist and father of two. He has exhibited his work in a number of solo and group shows throughout California.

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