Paige Maureen

Sacramento, CA

Paige Maureen is a cosmic surrealist painter who lives in Northern California. Native to the hills that surround the valley she uses her mystical connection with nature and the stars to create astrological backgrounds touched by a flowing energy. Never formally trained she began painting as a child entranced with the worlds she was able to create, she dedicated hours of studying often saying, “I feel it in my bones, this urge, its like I’m just listening and my body knows each stroke already. ” Traveling as a young adult brought her head space to a different frequency which allowed her to experiment more with color and female divinity. Diving deeper into her own woman hood she found a power in her art through the vulnerability yet strength of naked emotions and naked bodies. After her traveling and small burst in LA she came home with a fierce devotion towards curating her passion into the sunsets of the city skyline. Jumping from canvas to walls, and that is only the beginning.

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