Roy Gonzalez

Laguna Beach, CA

For over 40 years Roy Gonzalez has been an icon in the extreme sports industry’s art and design circles. He is a self-proclaimed Rebel with a Pen and has never been afraid to point out the absurdities in life. He has created some of the most definitive and well-known images of the surf, skate and music industries. Vivid and humorous, Roy represents the best of the underground art world that inspired him as a kid growing up in SoCal. Personally educated and influenced by the art legends of the 70’s, such as, Rick Griffin & Robert Williams. Roy has been called the “Last of the Mohicans”, carrying the torch for a new generation of surf artists. Roy’s artwork can be enjoyed on canvas and in many types of utility art items; such as the amazing Blues Legends aloha shirt, stainless mugs, black nickel openers and so much more…

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