Stephanie Taylor

Sacramento, CA

Responding with materials that are most suited to interpret the meaning of a place, including paint, steel, clay, cement, words and digital media, Taylor is driven by curiosity, location, and audience. She has been creating site-specific installations, murals, and paintings on professionally and on commission for 42 years. Her work is in private and corporate collections from coast to coast, and in Kyoto and Paris, for clients such as Disney, Hilton, and cultural institutions. She’s been blessed with tremendous artistic freedom, and also maintains an exhibition schedule. 

Taylor participated in Wide Open Walls, 2017, with a repaint of the CA State Railroad Museum mural, first created in 1999. She has been painting street murals since 1977, starting in Los Angeles.

With a BA in History from UCLA in 1977, Taylor’s forte is both research and the human figure. She received a Master in Studio Arts from CSUS in 2006, with an emphasis in sculpture. A freelance Op-Ed contributor to the Sacramento Bee from 2011 to 2018, she also co-authored “Water: More or Less,” a book about water in California, in 2016. She designed and illustrated “Frankenstein, A Graphic Interpretation,” in 2018.  

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