Tom Bob


Tom Bob is an artist based in New York City. who transforms the most improbable objects into art. Any object within our urban environment – a manhole cover, utility box, fire hydrant – are fair game for this elusive, clever prankster.

If you’re on the internet, you’ve probably seen his work featured on sites such as Bored Panda, Laughing Squid, Wired, and Mental Floss. His art makes us smile, reminding us to see new and imaginative possibilities for our public spaces. His work was also on display in 2017’s Governors Ball Mural Project, as part of New York City’s premier 3-day music festival.

As his Facebook page says … American artist Tom Bob is running loose in the streets of New York, and let’s hope nobody catches him. Now – happily – he will run loose in the streets of Sacramento as well.

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