UCD Davis Health - 4840 2nd Avenue, Sacramento

Wel Sed is a post-internet portrait artist, installation artist, and muralist of over 30 years that incorporates classical portrait techniques and compositions with pop surrealist and abstract expressionist and illustrative elements, using them to create multilayered narratives thru subtle, stoic, melancholic, and/or pensive expressions in his main work, and fun, inventive and imagination inspiring expressions in his school murals. He primarily works in oil, but has worked in a number of mediums both physical and digital, as well as created large scale installations, both static and interactive. He has shown work in San Francisco, Oakland, Denver, NYC, Raleigh, Greensboro, and most recently at the Mint Museum in Charlotte, NC. He also participated and helped organize both Art Hotel and Art Street and has turned his efforts towards community centered programs and organizations within underserved communities, and educating the youth on how to properly establish business practices for a career as a professional artist. Although valuing anonymity, he remains forward facing and dedicated to the neighborhoods that he was raised in.

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