Press Conference Announced for Wide Open Walls

The kick-off event to take place at the California Automobile Museum

Sacramento, CA (July 30, 2019) – Now a proud Sacramento tradition, the Wide Open Walls mural festival is returning to Sacramento next month. The ten-day event begins at 9:00 a.m. PT on August 8, 2019, at the California Automobile Museum. Remarks will be given by the city and regional leaders including Congresswoman Doris Matsui, Mayor Darryl Steinberg, and artist Raphael Delgado. Front Street Animal Shelter will also be on hand showcasing adoptable puppies. The event has gained international attention since its inaugural launch in the summer of 2017 and has continued to beautify Sacramento’s cityscape.

“Art has the power to captivate, heal, and bring us together, which is why it is critically important for us to bring art to all people,” says Matsui. “As the nation’s largest mural festival, Wide Open Walls transforms our city in a tapestry of the human spirit, and I applaud the program and this year’s artists for brightening our community and connecting more and more people to the arts.”

What began as a way to draw attention to Sacramento’s mural painting history has now become a renowned event, drawing hundreds of thousands of local residents and visitors alike to marvel as artists transform blank building canvases into public art pieces.

“At a time when many people in our nation are focused on building walls to keep people out, we’re painting walls to bring people in,” says Steinberg. “This festival continues to be a beacon of diversity and inclusion and we’re excited to keep this tradition going.”

Artist Raphael Delgado notes that while the festival has become an attraction for spectators far and wide, the event has also put Sacramento at the forefront of the art community on an international level.

“Because of events like Wide Open Walls, artists from around the world are realizing that our city is a hub of art and culture,” says Delgado. “This is great news for us both socially and economically.”

The California Automobile Museum is located at 2200 Front Street in Sacramento. Wide Open Walls runs through August 18, 2019and is free to the public. The festival will host 55 artists with 40 new murals being painted around the greater Sacramento area. More information including artist sign-ups and sponsorship opportunities can be found at

Press Conference Details

Date: Thursday, August 8
Time: 9AM-9:30 AM
Location: California Auto Museum – 2200 Front Street
Scheduled to speak: Congresswoman Doris Matsui, Mayor Darrell Steinberg, artist Raphael Delgado

About Wide Open Walls

Wide Open Walls is a 501(3)(c) whose mission is to promote and celebrate public art. Wide Open Walls brings underserved neighborhoods public art that encourages a sense of pride and identity; provides community gathering spaces; generates impactful, measurable economic growth for the Sacramento region; and promotes greater cultural understanding and appreciation amongst diverse groups. The organization’s mission is personified through its annual festival in August that brings local, national and international artists together to transform Sacramento with original and stunning street art. Additionally, Wide Open Walls supports other events throughout the year – including The Mural Jam, Sac Republic’s Paint The Park, and the Playa Art Trail.

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