Waylon Horner

Waylon Horner is a Sacramento based artist. He has developed his own abstract aesthetic, with the main goal being to create something of visual and psychological interest. He prefers not to have any sort of direct message or meaning behind his images but instead chooses to leave his work ambiguous enough to let the viewer draw their own conclusions. He credits influencers of his art as H.R. Giger, Irving Norman, Robert Crumb, Hans Bellmer, Yves Tanguy, Roberto Matta, John Kricfalusi and Walt Disney. His work is reminiscent of Rube Goldberg machines – cartoonish and surreal compositions painted in bold colors, and incorporating a healthy dose of humor and psychedelic imagery. His imagination shows us a world both bizarre and mesmerizing. “Technically, the hardest part is just knowing when to stop,” says Waylon, “because my stuff gets pretty chaotic and at some point it doesn’t really help the piece to have more going on.”

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Waylon Horner Mural

Few & Far Women featuring Ursula X. Young, Deity & Meme

Tyson Anthony Roberts

Tyson is an artist and muralist based in Sacramento, CA. He has been painting for over a decade and finds fulfillment in enriching the lives of others with his artwork. His current studio works and murals are overflowing with vivid floral arrangements, botanical scenes and unique plants. The works are composed by layering color, line and bold saturated marks that coalesce into a crescendo of harmonies dedicated to the healing power of plants.

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Tyson Anthony Roberts Mural

Trav MSK

TRAV is a Los Angeles-based artist who has made a name for himself painting graffiti on walls and trains throughout the United States. He is an active member of The Seventh Letter and Mad Society Kings Artist Collective.

Trav’s work has shifted to document current times in society as we evolve from the physical world and emerge into the digital space.

He pays homage to the craftsmanship of an older generation while embracing current technology to produce his work. Trav has chosen to focus on creating public work around this narrative to give back to the community.

Trav collages photographs of vintage signs and hand crafted typography, then arranges them in various compositions that interact with geometric patterns. He then overlays digital gestures to represent emotion often to resemble eyes or faces.

Trav bounces between studio, public, and commercial work cohesively by staying true to his narrative and true to himself. He believes “living life on your own terms”is essential to his process.

His work stands somewhere between fine art and graffiti. Trav has moved beyond the sphere of traditional graffiti to occupy a more permanent legacy.

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Tavar Zawacki

I’m a self-taught artist having gained my knowledge through the trials and errors of my creative process. For me, I find it attractive to see other artists that bring their raw, unaltered, and natural spirit into their practice. I gained my education, and value system from having met new people from a multitude of different cultures, beliefs, and communities. I have lived in a variety of different countries that I credit for being my largest sources of inspiration. For 15 years I lived a nomadic lifestyle, having painted in many countries around the world, yet I’ve still (at time of writing this) never been to Texas!

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Tavar Zawacki Mural

Stephanie Taylor

Responding with materials that are most suited to interpret the meaning of a place, including paint, steel, clay, cement, words and digital media, Taylor is driven by curiosity, location, and audience. She has been creating site-specific installations, murals, and paintings on professionally and on commission for 42 years. Her work is in private and corporate collections from coast to coast, and in Kyoto and Paris, for clients such as Disney, Hilton, and cultural institutions. She’s been blessed with tremendous artistic freedom, and also maintains an exhibition schedule. 

Taylor participated in Wide Open Walls, 2017, with a repaint of the CA State Railroad Museum mural, first created in 1999. She has been painting street murals since 1977, starting in Los Angeles.

With a BA in History from UCLA in 1977, Taylor’s forte is both research and the human figure. She received a Master in Studio Arts from CSUS in 2006, with an emphasis in sculpture. A freelance Op-Ed contributor to the Sacramento Bee from 2011 to 2018, she also co-authored “Water: More or Less,” a book about water in California, in 2016. She designed and illustrated “Frankenstein, A Graphic Interpretation,” in 2018.  

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Stephanie Taylor Mural

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