Jose Di Gregorio

My work features intricate hand-drawn geometric patterns with vivid gradient colors and celestial nightscapes. The patterns allude to out-of-body sensations such as the fight-or-flight within panic attacks or hallucinatory distortions and the visual sensation of seeing the same overlapping image as if in motion, known as palinopsic tracers. The saturated colors depict visual themes like prismatic kaleidoscopes and ethereal nebuli.

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Cheyenne Randall – Frida

Cheyenne Randall – Audrey Hepburn

Anthony Padilla Mural

2020 Mural at Midtown Sushi

Spencer Keeton Cunningham Mural

Yon Meister Mural

Spencer Keeton Cunningham

Spencer Keeton Cunningham is a contemporary Indigenous artist from the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation who has been exhibiting in museums and galleries for the past 18 years. His work is in the permanent collection of the Berkeley Art Museum. He has exhibited at the Crocker Art Museum, the Wenying Highland Art Museum in China, as well as Hong Kong, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, New York, Los Angeles, Oakland, San Francisco, Hawaii, Tasmania, Amsterdam, Miami, Alaska, Seattle, Toronto, & British Columbia. Cunningham’s art was inducted into the World Congress of Art History in Bejing China by Art Historian Elaine O’Brien.

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Yon Meister

Yon is a San Francisco based street artist, using spray paint and various stencil techniques to paint his constantly¬†evolving characters. He sees street art as¬†a powerful medium that helps contribute the energy of a city and its people.¬†“I create art with the goal of delivering small bits of happiness to people every day. If someone can disconnect from their phone, even for a few seconds, to embrace a piece of street art… that’s a win to me.”

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Cheyenne Randall – Sade

Cheyenne Randall – Elvis

Elvis Presley mural

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