Jose Di Gregorio

My work features intricate hand-drawn geometric patterns with vivid gradient colors and celestial nightscapes. The patterns allude to out-of-body sensations such as the fight-or-flight within panic attacks or hallucinatory distortions and the visual sensation of seeing the same overlapping image as if in motion, known as palinopsic tracers. The saturated colors depict visual themes like prismatic kaleidoscopes and ethereal nebuli.

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Marlon Pruz

My art derives from the constant influx of images and ideas rushing through my head and the primal need to manifest them into the world. It is my universal language I can use to tap into communities and connect with people from all walks of life. Each piece is a projection of my soul and gathered life experience projected to create multiple bodies of work through many different forms.  Each concept takes on its own entity whether it being through pen and paper, fashion, animation, digital art, or a 100ft wall.

I create art based on my specific surroundings whether it be nature, the ingenuity of the buildings in the Favelas, the vintage art deco hotels on South Beach, or the detailed motifs in neoclassical etchings tied in with the situations Ive experienced while being out on the street. People watching and my fascination with anthropology play a major role in my works. A large part of my art is created with the intention of entertaining and captivating all who glance at it. My art is created using an explosion of detail, line, and depth, formulating controlled chaos that grabs the viewer and sucks them into the work. 

Marketplace at Birdcage – KiriLeigh Jones Mural

M.P. Young Mural

Laurelin Gilmore Mural

Joha Harrison Mural

Jhonpierre Mural

Jermaine Tilson Mural

Ryan “Pawn” Rhodes Mural

Patrick “Kane” McGregor Mural

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