Sacramento, CA

Neverboard is an artist team consisting of different local Sacramento artists.

John Blair

Scientist of Graphic Design raised in Stockton California and owner/partner of Never Board since 2005. Out for some tasty waves, smooth pavement and clean walls.
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Kristen Blair is a fine artist and graphic designer. Born and raised in the Bay area, she has been an active artist in Sacramento, California since 2003. Ten’s style is rooted in her love of symbolism, storytelling, and the supernatural. Often portraying imagery of nature, ancient symbols and surreal landscapes. Her work can be seen having repeating imagery like the sun, moon and hidden escape doors into other worlds.

Having worked in many different disciplines including water color, graphic design, wood block carving printing, and murals. She is always striving to create positive change in her own surroundings and her community, designing with purpose is the singular force that has driven Ten creatively and has continued to push her to deliver the best creative solutions in her projects while also maintaining her own identity as an artist.
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Leon Willis has over 20 years of experience as an aerosol artist. He is currently a graffiti art instructor with Hip Hop for Change, an Oakland based non-profit that uses grassroots activism to educate people about socio-economic injustices and advocate solutions through hip hop culture. As the owner of SledgeHammer Graffix, a screen printing business, Mr. Willis mentors and offers internships to local high school students.
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Kim Scott

I was born in Sacramento California, I earned my MA in Studio arts from California State U at Sacramento, and went on to have many adventures and visit 20 something other countries. I am most interested in exploring impermanence and vanity. My artwork falls into the Surrealist camp, with a splash of Psychedelic sensuality, hints of fairytale wonderland, some demi-god dreamtime horror, and many protagonists wearing masks of my own making. Some of my one-person exhibitions have been shown at the Crocker Art Museum, La Luz de Jesus in LA, Grand Theater for the Arts In Tracy, Artspace1616 in Old North Sac, and many group shows around the world.
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Joe Meistas

Joe Meistas is an artist based in Sacramento, CA who works with mixed media, acrylic paint, and a ton of markers.

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