Cheyenne Randall – Lucy

Lucy & Ricky

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Stephanie Taylor

Stephanie Taylor Mural

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Stephanie Taylor Mural Stephanie Taylor
125 I St Sacramento, CA 95814

Bryan Valenzuela

Bryan Valenzuela Mural

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Bryan Valenzuela Mural Bryan Valenzuela
1271 Firehouse Alley, Sacramento, CA 95814, USA
Pro Tip: Old Sacramento Waterfront

Cheyenne Randall

Sacramento based artist, Cheyenne Randall has been working in mixed media for over twenty years. Largely known for his extensive and ongoing photoshop tattoo series entitled “Shoppedtattoos” he has simultaneously pushed the boundaries of traditional tattoo culture and idolatry. He is also known for his colorful and contemporary mixed media works depicting Indigenous North American […]

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