Jillian Evelyn Mural

This mural is a part of the 2019 festival. Check back for progress updates!

“The fluidity of her female character and the way it appears to paradoxically capture movement in stasis provides a fitting entrance to the building that houses Student Affairs,” said Sheree Meyer, dean of the College of Arts & Letters. Evelyn usually paints naked, contorted women, but her Sac State mural subject will be fully clothed and pay homage to the University’s urban forest.

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Jillian Evelyn

Jillian Evelyn’s paintings investigate the depths of awkwardness, discomfort, and contortion both from external expectations and within ones’ own thoughts. Evelyn paints her figures and abstractions bathed in vibrant color. Evelyn is able to reflect her personal conflicts while allowing for the viewer’s personal interpretations. Instagram | Website

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