Sacramento Alumni Mural

As the anchor mural location for Wide Open Walls 2018, the Sacramento Mural at Sacramento State was headed up by a well-known local artist, Raphael Delgado, and was a collaborative effort of twelve different local artists, including a Sac State alumnus. Located on an exterior wall of the University Theatre building facing a parking lot, the letters to spell S-A-C-R A-M-E-N-T-O were outlined and each artist painted his or her own unique vision within, the result being an iconic destination.

These artists were chosen to tell any story they wanted with their letter:

S β€“ SV Williams
A β€“ Phillip Altstatt
C β€“ John Horton
R β€“ Raphael Delgado
A β€“ Molly Devlin
M β€“ Micah Crandall-Bear
E β€“ Lopan and Ernie Fresh
N β€“ Norm Ayles
– Ursula X. Young
O β€“ Jose Di Gregorio

Their bold and colorful creations were completed by the team’s 12th member, Jeremy Stanger, who painted 3-D drop shadows on each letter.

Jose Di Gregorio

My work features intricate hand-drawn geometric patterns with vivid gradient colors and celestial nightscapes. The patterns allude to out-of-body sensations such as the fight-or-flight within panic attacks or hallucinatory distortions and the visual sensation of seeing the same overlapping image as if in motion, known as palinopsic tracers. The saturated colors depict visual themes like […]

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