Kosono Okina Mural

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Vexta & Elle Street Art

Elle & Vexta Collaboration

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Elle & Vexta Collaboration Vexta & Elle Street Art
1730 12th St, Sacramento, CA, USA
Pro Tip: The mural is on the back of the building.

Patrick "Kane" McGregor

Patrick “Kane” McGregor Mural

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Patrick “Kane” McGregor Mural Patrick "Kane" McGregor
1211 R Street, Sacramento, CA, USA

Kosono Okina

Kosono Okina is a Nintendo game designer and painter from Kyoto, Japan. She made many contributions to Nintendo’s art scene, creating artwork for many of their multi-million-selling titles such as the Mario and Zelda series. Now, she has moved to Sacramento, the beautiful and artistic city that she loves, and is continuing to move forward […]

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