Elle & Vexta Collaboration

While you’re out, check out these murals nearby…


Kosono Okina

Kosono Okina Mural

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Kosono Okina Mural Kosono Okina
1730 12th Street, Sacramento, CA, USA

Patrick "Kane" McGregor

Patrick “Kane” McGregor Mural

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Patrick “Kane” McGregor Mural Patrick "Kane" McGregor
1211 R Street, Sacramento, CA, USA

Elle Street Art

Elle is a female graffiti and street artist based in Brooklyn.  Noteworthy for her diverse use of mediums, including but not limited to fire extinguishers, rollers, aerosol, markers, acrylic, and silkscreens to create a variety of tags, fills, murals, wheat pastes, sculptures, and bus shelter AD replacements.  She has scaled and painted billboards along the BQE freeway, […]

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