Sacramento State

A Place of Belonging

In 2021, Sacramento State made a commitment to be an antiracism and inclusive campus.

The first step is BELIEVING we have challenges to overcome and collectively doing something about it. Then we can work on BECOMING an antiracism, inclusive, and anti-oppression campus that transforms policies, procedures, perspectives, and practices so that our BEING represents our humanity in all of its beautiful splendor and conveys a true sense of belonging.

Created by students, faculty, alumni, and community members, the art on these walls is a living representation of our campus community on this journey and beyond. Each year, new murals will be created as we grow together.

Participating artists

Phillip Altstatt (alumnus/staff)


I am inspired by the bigness of the world and the even bigger depths of imagination. This inspiration drives my ambition, and encourages my travels. I am blessed with an unrelenting creativity, that pours over into the ability to help others unpack their own ideas and visions. It is this limitless conceptualization that motivates me to continually dream without boundaries. 

My focus as an artist is to draw attention to the magic that lies beneath the ordinary. A colleague once coined my work as a “re-enchantment of the everyday”. Accepting the challenge of representing the unseen magic in a visual world, I will go to great lengths to take my ideas to fruition. It is said, “Necessity is the mother of invention”; this is true in my practice. I am passionate about the ‘behind-the-scenes’ preparation that precedes a work of art. Like Alice’s dizzying adventure to discover who she is, my work takes a journey through many disciplines and areas of study before being fully realized.

There is a dreamy quality that I push for in my work. The abstraction in my work is not visual as much as conceptual; I am using abstract ideas to encourage viewers to consider the mystery behind the objects and places that they would otherwise take for granted. Discovering poetry in the world around me has always brought more personal joy than writing my own.

Born in Sacramento, CA

Graduated with BA in Studio Art 2011, MA in Studio Art 2014

Luis Garcia (faculty)

Website | Instagram

Inspired by what is known as the critical tradition in education, known as Critical Pedagogy, Luis-Genaro Garcia, PhD.  is an artist, scholar,  and former high school art teacher in South Central Los Angeles.  As an educator and artist influenced by the theoretical frameworks of Critical Pedagogy (Freire, 1970), The Funds of Knowledge (Gonzalez & Moll, 2005), and Critical Race Theory in Education (Yosso, 2005), he focuses on challenging the social and political barriers that exist in communities of color.     

As an artist he draws on his own social and political experiences as a resident and educator in South Central Los Angeles. Constantly drawing on his own forms of cultural knowledge as a former student, and former Educator of the Los Angeles Unified School District; he reflects the historical and political experiences of marginalized communities through what he identifies as Social Realism and Surrealism. His work is heavily influenced by Mexican Muralist David Alfaro Siqueiros and printmaker Jose Guadalupe Posada; both known for their social and political commentary.  

As an art educator of fourteen years at his former high school, and  current teacher-educator,  he draws on the cultural assets of students and communities as relevant and accessible forms of art. Through this philosophy he believes that students’ home knowledge can be used by educators to develop new forms of cultural and relevant knowledge that will develop the creativity and independence of students , educators, and communities for social transformation and social change.  Luis is currently an Assistant Professor of Art Education at California State University Sacramento and continues working with local communities, schools,  and arts organizations.

Emma Montalbano (student)


Emma is a California based artist. She works primarily in photography, painting, drawing, and printmaking. Often blurring the lines between these practices by means of collage and assemblage. She is currently a student at Sacramento State earning a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Studio Art and Art History.

Emma enjoys a social and full life. She can always be found enjoying the diverse and abundant opportunities that life has to offer.

Erik Oliver (alumnus)

Erik Oliver is an artist born and raised in Hidalgo, Mexico. At the young age of 12, he migrated to the USA with his mother and sister. He pursued higher education and received his bachelor degree in studio art from the Sacramento State in 2019. He’s had multiple art exhibits and most recently painted his first big mural on campus.

His work is inspired by nature, his background and the human condition. He depicts these forms to show that we can find beauty in change, the struggle, the heartbreak, and blossom into a better version of ourselves. As an immigrant, he faced a lot of challenges but he uses them to create a more fulfilling life and inspire others to pursue their dreams fearlessly despite the odds.

Anastasia Sullivan (student)

Instagram | Facebook

Multimedia artist A.C. Sullivan is a synesthete painter, poet, violinist, and emerging composer. As a violinist, they have performed in venues across the world, from the Los Angeles Convention Center to La Madeleine Church in the heart of Paris, while on a concert tour of France with the Seraphim Symphony.

In 2018, they were invited to perform at Carnegie Hall with Symphony Irvine, and performed with musicians of Earth, Wind, and Fire fame for The Eddie Nash Foundation. From folk to classical, they play a wide variety of musical genres. Appearing as a featured soloist in live mariachis and cameratas, as well as in recordings for local rap, alternative, and metal groups in Southern California, A.C.’s love of music and soundscapes is a major part of their creative process. In encapsulating their chromesthesia experiences on canvas, they have been commissioned to create art inspired by selected music for a variety of musicians and composers.

A.C.’s oil painting, The Sound of Souls (2018) was selected to be digitally reproduced as a mural for the lobby of Sac State’s Aspen Hall, Hornet Commons in 2021. Most recently, they were commissioned by the Festival of New American Music (45th Anniversary) to create an original oil painting, Bella Festiva (2022) inspired by the music of featured composer Libby Larsen.

A.C. is a non-binary, Mexican-American/multi-ethnic student attending California State University, Sacramento, pursuing a Bachelor’s in Music Theory and Composition, studying in Dr. Shuying Li’s composition studio, and minoring in LGBTQ+ Studies.

Wood Farguheson “Tsumnu” (guest artist)

Website | Instagram

Born in Lynn, Massachusetts, Tsumnu (pronounced “Some New”) is now located in Northern California. He has had a life-long passion for art, music and Hip Hop culture and is also an award-winning emcee, freestyler, songwriter, and a master beatboxer. The recipient of two gold records, multiple “Best of the Bay” awards, and numerous other accolades, he has performed around the world for audiences large and small.

Drawing and painting from a young age, Tsumnu’s artistic style has evolved over the years. Pulling from a tapestry of diverse life experiences – from the streets to world travels, and much in between – his art is infused with emotional richness and tells an unexpected story.

True to the core, Tsumnu embodies the positive energy of Hip Hop culture and he strives to celebrate and preserve humanity, connection, creativity, and life in his art.

Beth Consetta Rubel (WOW artist)

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Beth Consetta Rubel is a visual artist from Austin, Texas. Rubel’s work focuses on the themes of race, gender, sexuality, and pop culture. This is evident in her series, “The Paper Bag Test,” where she draws and paints portraits of Black subjects—many of them well-known Black celebrities and public figures, such as President Barack Obama and Richard Pryor. In light of the recent cases of police brutality and state-sanctioned violence against Black men, women, and children, she has also included portraits of victims like Michael Brown and Aiyana Stanley Jones, in the series.

Rubel is currently a member of Axis Gallery, where she curates and installs art shows with other Axis members. Her latest show, “Portrait” engages the viewer to participate with interactive art about identity and current events.

Jane Simeon

Hi, my name is Jane and I’m a current Sac State student majoring in Biology. I was born in the Philippines, but I’ve lived most of my life in California. I’m not a professional artist, but I’ve loved art since I was a little kid and will probably never stop drawing and painting.

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